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Back in 2013, when we opened our center and we have started work with ministry of health supporting the drowning prevention for kids & toddlers project, we knew we wanted more locations in order to deliver all of swimming / water surviving program to all kids around Thailand. Our biggest priority was making sure that every center that opened will be fun, cool while still keeping high standard of swimming program and lastly just as fantastic as our very first outlet.

After a lot of thought, we knew that best way to do this was to have unbelievably fantastic and hard-working people who is sharing the same attitude to open their own pool. Once we find those amazing people, we work with them, train them, and give them the tools they can share our swimming passion to customers.

who are we?

Since our first center opened, our center has quickly grown and contribute a lot of new coming player in Baby swimming industry. Not only our teacher that certify the baby swimming class, our staff also certify the course and expertly trained. On top of that, our instructors are having strong experience in wide aquatics program and the lead teacher is Thailand National Swimmer and ASCA certified Swim Coach.

We always believe that to running the swimming center, only know how to swim is not enough. Swimming is the life skill, if you want to teach others, you have to understand it first as an owner.

Why you?

We seek out hard-working, passionate and lovely individuals. We believe one of the most important factors of success is starting with quality individuals. Before any individual opens a center we require they have extensive training and coaching. We work with them to teach our core philosophies and give them the manuals and tools to operate their own. We do everything we can to empower our team to be successful.

what qualities do we look for?
Are you:

A Strong Leader?
A Sparkling Communicator?
Able to Effectively Manage a Team?
Great at Following Rules?
In Love with Kids?
Hate when you hear the news about “someone drowning?”

yes! that’s me!

Fill out our request for consideration form and let’s find out if we’re a good match. Fill out as much or as little as you like and someone will contact you within 5 days.

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