Manta Kids Classes

Our mission is to develop the kids’ swimming skill for the water safety and water confident. And to educate parents for the well understanding about baby swimming, as we always knew, father and mother are the first teacher of their children. Beside, we are building up the great family activity time.
We are having 3 Levels >>>

Manta Splash
(For 4 months – 18 months)


Manta Swirl
(For 18 months to 42 months, 3.5 Years old)


Manta Swim
(For 3.5 years old – 6 years old)

What is Manta Splash?
Strive for the first splash of your life?

Level Manta Splash is focusing on the swimming basic to the babies and building up the overall child development such as Gross motor skill, Fine motor skill, language and signal learning, socialize which combine to be water familiarization

The lesson will go through activity and fun which designed for the kids age 4 months to 18 months Skill to learn: Breath Control, Flotation, Balance, Propulsion, Mobility in water, Submersion, Pool Entries & Exit.

What is Manta Swirl?
Swirl and turn to Survive

Level Manta Swirl is focusing on survival swimming while continuing develop skill of basic swim, challenging more ability through 30 minutes activity which designed for kids 18 months to 42 months (3.5 Years old)

We are encouraging children to have development from tiring all skills which they learned and combine to the basic swim posture and prepare themselves to the real swim in next program, “Manta Swim”

What is Manta Swim?
Swim to reach your final goal

Level Manta Swim focus on the Competitive Swimming 4 strokes (depends on each kids’ ability) and the water safety as well. By 50 minutes of our activity which designed for kids to have fun and learn to swim under supervised by the experience instructor.

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