Manta Kids Admission

Each semester will be 10 weeks + 1 week for learning about water safety which including the basic procedure of life saving.
You can find the information about the class schedule at and
And for the inquiry of the trial please submit to for Ratchaphruek branch and for Phuket branch
Application fee 2,000 THB (Included welcome package)

Application Fee : One time, Non refundable fee that covers the cost of the student assessment and application process to be paid upon application once parents accept the confirmation to join Manta Kids

Tuition Fee which payment schedule will be the choice of paying each term at week 8-10 before Safety week
Manta Splash and Manta Swirl
6,000 THB / Semester (10 Times / 30 Minutes / Week +1 Time /30 Minutes Safety Week. 1 kid per 1 parent. Maximum 8 kids per 1 instructor.
Manta Swim
8,000 THB (10 times / 50 Minutes / Week + 1 time / 50 minutes Safety Week 1 kid without parents Maximum 8 kids per 2 instructors.
All fees must be paid before students can start in a new quarter

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